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Audio files from the Worship Services that can be downloaded. Messages from the weekly newsletter are also available.
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Please come and join us. Invite your friends and families. Everyone is welcomed!
Affiliated with the Yurigaoka Christ Church, we have children from 3 to 5 years of age. Surrounded by the love of Christ, they grow healthy and tender.

Welcome to the Yurigaoka Christ Church

Welcome to the homepage of Yurigaoka Christ Church!

Thank you for your interest in Yurigaoka Christ Church. If this is your first time visiting a church, if you have been away for a while, if you just have moved to the area, or if you are looking for a church, we have a place for you. We are a fellowship of faith, hope and love, with the purpose of leading everyone to a new life celebrating Christ and to grow together.
Just as Jesus Christ loves us, we live our church lives loving each other. Spending time at our church gives us wonderful experiences – worshiping God together, learning from the Bible, interacting with each other, volunteering together and spreading the gospel around us. Please come join us. We are looking forward to meeting with you.
            Pastor Nobuo Kawai



People in a wide range of ages gather at Yurigaoka Christ Church on Sundays. There are many ways to get to the church. There is front parking for about 20 cars, and parking assistance is available on Sundays. As you enter the building, you will be greeted warmly by people at the front, members of the Church and the pastors.

You are welcome to join in the Sunday School classes from 9:30am. You will be led to a group of your choice. In a small-group environment with friendly conversation, you will spend valuable time, sharing Bible study and prayers.

After the class, we worship God with joy and appreciation. An elevator is available for those who need it. Copies of the Bible and song booklets are available at the church.

Offering plates circulate during the service, but visitors do not need to contribute. We are only grateful that we can worship together.

During the Service, an Angels’ Gathering for preschool children and Children’s Message for elementary school children are provided once a month. Simultaneous interpretation in English and hearing aids are available. Please feel free to ask at the front desk.

After the Worship Service there is a tea time, or sometimes a lunchtime, for casual conversations. Please feel free to ask if you would like to meet with the pastor.

We hope that you will experience God`s blessing when spending a day at with us at Yurigoaka Christ Church. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Bible Study Class: Sundays,9:30am-10:30am

Children and adults study csthe Bible in their own groups.

Worship Service: Sundays,10:45am-12:00pm

We praise God with joy, gratitude and messages from the Bible relevant to our daily lives.


Prayer Meetings: Wednesdays,10:00am-11:30am, 20:00pm-21:00pm

After reading the Bible, we pray together. csWe believe that this time is as important as the worship service.

Home Groups:

They are held once a month at multiple locations in our neighborhood on different days of the week. Please contact the church to find one that is near you.


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